Dear Aumrie, I could use your guidance.

I’m working two jobs to pay the bills. I hold the overnight shift at a gas station. Pretty much easy money. I also make deliveries for an Italian restaurant. I’m 24 and I dropped out of college a few times. My folks want me to go back, but I really don’t think it’s for me. But I know there is something more for my life.

Nobody in my family has ever left this small city. It’s hard to dream big in a place where people think so small. I don’t want to continue the legacy i want to shatter it.  I’ve always dreamed of living the Miami life, like The Rock. A penthouse condo near the beach, driving a sports car down Ocean Boulevard, and dating a model from Brazil.

How can B break free?



How’ya feeling Robert,

I have to tell you this letter is fire. I can feel the passion burning through the pages. Full disclosure, if you looking for 10x super wealth, you may be better off seeking advice from Grant Cardone or Gary V. They’ll set you up nice. I can offer a mindful perspective that may offer you balance.

Always pay attention to place. In spiritual and mythological traditions the emphasis placed on the city or location that calls you. You may have heard the saying location is destiny. Where you are shapes you in deep ways. So if Miami is calling make peace with it.

There’s a phrase in you letter that really caused concern, “Easy money.” That shot passage usually means lack of effort or actions that can lead to suffering. There’s nothing wrong with a condo or fancy car. The more important question is does clinging to your aspiration lead you to use unskillful means to achieve it. Cutting corners, engaging in unethical behaviors, causing harm, or extending exploitation.

Also, it’s what those things lead to. With a big penthouse you’ll likely want to fill it with lots of fancy things so it won’t be empty. There can come a point where the consumption consumes you. After you fill it with fancy things you’ll then try to fill it with fancy people, who eventually you will see are just people who may not have your best interest at heart. Finally, you’ll long the the safety for the people who truly care for you.

In your seeking, save room to seek friendship. Seek opportunities to extend kindness. The philosopher Epicurus reminds us it’s not what you have, but what you enjoy that constitutes abundance.

Mindfulness invites you to seek sufficiency in life. Out of that sufficiency should come over flow. And overflow gives you the privilege to practice generosity. You labor should be done to care for yourself, your family and finally the broader community.  

In terms of roadmapping out next steps. Think of this phrase. Seed, soil, sun.

The seed represents having an expansive vision. You need an idea that resonates with your heart. The beauty of ideas is that they can be found everywhere. Listening to the wind, looking up at clouds, tasting it during breakfast. Ideas are plentiful, just choose one that vibes with you. Real estate, bitcoin, recycling, they are all pathways to help you enter Miami.

Next is soil, this represents nutrients of success, the discipline, industriousness, tenacity, and drive needed to achieve. There will come a point that you want to give up, but you must continue through the doubt and hate before you win.

Lastly is sun. This represents the activation agent and is perhaps the most important element. This is your decision, your conscious choice to take the risk. The instant you decide it opens an inner powers that bring the universe into alignment with your vision. Doors will open, people will show up, but you must choose first.

You must choose how you want to live. That starts the sequence of choices. Everything else is secondary.

Always remember you are Cognoscenti, and walk you contemplative path, you live the mindful way of life, full of awareness and choosing to respond more skillfully. At any moment you can access an inner reservoir of strength with a single breath.

Deep gratitude,


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