Aumrie is the online handle for Lydell Martin a Los Angeles based Contemplative Advisor who consults with organizations on establishing self-care plans to enrich leadership capacity. Aumrie is skilled at developing well-being practices that encourage leaders, high achievers, top performers and decision-makers to cultivate inner-life skills, EQ, and prosocial behavior.

Aumrie facilitates in-person and online corporate and Tea Sessions, which are an inspiration nest for participants seeking new ideas, fresh perspectives and flexible thinking. The Tea Session promotes a contemplative lifestyle and asserts the value of creating a space in one’s life to stabilize attention.

For over a decade Aumrie has trained in multiple mindfulness disciplines and attended over two-dozen meditation retreats. Aumrie connects his passion for business and contemplative practices to work with a variety of clients, from startups to fintech, C-Suite executives to top performing students develop stabilized attention to grow.