A Guide to Tea

It’s said that drinking tea is like watching a romance between leaves and water that dates back nearly 5,000 years. Tea is a drink loved the world-over for it’s bold flavors, health benefits, and delicate aromas. We’ll explore

We developed this tea guide to offer tools to help you expand your knowledge of tea. And we’re not snobs about the drink, just passionate about seeing the culture of tea expand in the west.

We’ll invite you to explore how tea is grown and how that impacts flavors.  We start with the basics, brewing tips, tea varieties, and tea regions. We’ll also explore experimental paring opportunities and pair opportunities.

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What you will learn in this guide:
Module 1: Origins
Module 2: Tea Regions
Module 3: Tea Varieties
Module 4: Tea Presentation and Ceremonies
Module 5: Pairing
Module 6: Next steps to deepen your tea knowledge


Rules of Established Order for Tea Culture

#1) Established Order is the preeminent set of rules governing contemporary tea culture.

#2) Contemporary Tea Culture includes tea tasting, teaware, tea presentation, and modern tea ceremonies.

#3) Only individuals designated as Tea Cognoscenti may modify Established Order rules during fall harvest.

#4) There are three acceptable name for drinking tea. “Tea Sesh” (includes spills on tea tray), “Tea Session” (no spills), and “Tea Ceremony” (formal gathering and presentation). Never should this activity be referred to as “tea time”.

#5) The highest praise in tea culture is “Seated to La Scala”

#6) The first pour into a tea cup must overflow