Life is poignant — all to tender at times. The Akan proverb says to seek guidance forward forward by looking back. In this tea ceremony we reflect on those who have walked the road ahead of us, who have traveled the great distance between the heart and the mind. May all beings everywhere be safe and well.

Take a moment to allow your purpose to resonate.

In this moment are you alright? Taking a moment to pause and check in with yourself to inventory your thoughts and emotions can be so beneficial.

Finding life’s subtle rhythms. Peaceful vibes everyone enjoy this tea ceremony.

What happening beneath the surface? 🍃

The path to reaching goals heads directly through a gauntlet of fears, doubts, and worry. In this tea ceremony we’ll remember to slow down to gain clarity and remember where our strength rests to meet life challenges.


A chawan is a ceremonial tea bowl that expresses the poetry of the tea leaf. They are prized for their shape and form, color and glaze.